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To all officers, crew, civilians and passengers of the Independent Frigate FAR ORBIT:

The following ship’s articles replace the Imperial Military Code and Regulations and must be observed at all times without exception.

1. OFFICERS AND VOTES. The Captain of the FAR ORBIT is Dhas Vedij. All officers shall be appointed by the captain, except for the shareout committee, which shall be elected by the crew. During any period when the FAR OBIT is not in immediate danger, any officer may call for votes on matters unsettled by these Articles. The final determination on whether or not the ship is in danger resides solely with the Captain. Every officer and crew member shall have a vote when votes are called for (assuming it is a matter appropriate for crew to vote on, which shall be determined by a vote amongst the officers), and equitable share of provisions found during the course of our activities.

2. SHAREOUT. All booty shall be doled out fairly, under the watch of a group of seven shipmates selected by the crew. The Captain, Operations Officer, Chief Engineer, Weapons Officer, and public stock shall each have two shares. Other officers shall have one and one half shares each, and all other crew shall each have one share.

3. DISTRACTIONS. No gambling, intoxicants or other distractions shall be undertaken while personnel are on duty.

4. READINESS. All equipment and gear will be kept clean and serviceable at all times.

5. ADDITION OF CREW. No additional crew will be added during the tour once crew strength reaches serviceable levels (in the Captain’s sole discretion). Should the crew compliment be reduced to skeleton level, the captain will suspend the tour until the compliment is renewed to fighting strength.

6. DESERTION. Desertion of one’s duty is punishable by marooning or death by spacing.

7. DISPUTES. Duty disputes shall be settled by the section officer or watch commander. Personal disputes will be settled planetside by duel. No fighting is allowed on board.

8. DISBANDING. The crew of the FAR ORBIT shall not retire or disband until each crew member has shared out 1 million credits and served one standard year. Those crippled during the tour shall receive 250 thousand credits from the public stock. Those who have suffered other major wounds shall receive fair payout, to be determined by the shareout committee.

9. PRISONERS. Captives will be held safely in the brig or in assigned quarters. Torture or abuse of prisoners is strictly forbidden.

10. ALLEGIANCE. The FAR ORBIT is a privateer under contract to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and will abide by the terms of her Letter of Marque and Reprisal.

11. GUILT AND PUNISHMENT. Any crew member’s guilt shall be determined by a tribunal of three senior officers, including the Operations Officer or the Captain or both. The ranking officer in any such tribunal shall have two votes. Punishment shall be decided by a crew vote, with the approval of the convening tribunal.

12. CHAIN OF COMMAND. Every member of the crew shall obey the orders of his superior officer, which shall not be superceded by these Articles. If any crew member feels that he has obeyed an order which violates these Articles, or the FAR ORBIT’s Letter of Marque it is to be reported to the Operations Officer when time permits. If such order was given by the Operations Officer, it shall be reported to the Security Chief, who will then determine whether to report the situation to the Captain or to the Operations Officer.

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